Your Faith is a Mission

Presenting a personal philosophy as an organized belief system or mission statement for others to follow is blasphemous heresy.

Each person’s spiritual journey and worldview is deeply personal. Rather than promoting a specific doctrine, I believe the wisest approach is to humbly seek truth, treat all people with compassion, and strive to make a positive impact through our own actions.

Living with integrity, continual learning and respect for others allows our lives to be a light.

Caution against positioning one’s own path as the only way for all.

We must each ask ourselves daily, continuously: Does this make sense? And the answer is one that only we can choose whether or not to give.

If you’re looking to articulate your personal philosophy or approach to life as a guiding set of principles, here are a few suggestions for crafting your own meaningful mission statement:

  • Reflect on your core values, beliefs and priorities. What matters most to you and shapes your worldview?
  • Think about the positive impact you hope to have and the legacy you want to leave. How do you want to contribute to the world?
  • Consider phrasing it in affirmative, action-oriented terms, like “I aim to…” or “My purpose is…”
  • Keep it concise yet aspirational. Distill it down to the key essence.
  • Make it personal and heartfelt. It should resonate deeply with you.
  • Remember that it can (and almost certainly will) evolve over time as you grow and your understanding expands.


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