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  • Oh, wait?

    The road to hell might be gently sloping under foot as Lewis put it but it might also get you up the hill.

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  • Next book?

    Methods of suicide: sex, drugs, and dollar signs

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  • Neo-hippy here i come

    Told an inpatient motorist at an intersection “it’s a little harder to drive a cable car than you, sir”

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  • What is the nature of this so-called “free will“? 

    It seems related to energy that we can apportion ours within the confines of the universe and if we wish to run full force against a wall headstrong then by God, we will crash into it, and nothing will get accomplished, but we may learn something.

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  • Spatial dimensions are an illusion

    We think of maps as 2-D projections of 3-D surfaces, but science strongly suggests that it’s the other way around: that all the information needed to perceive spatial geometry can be encoded as a hologram in less than three dimensions of information; like a map being used to project the globe not the other way around.

    But as Levar Burton said you don’t have to take my word for it: A whole host of scientific papers back to the 90s say the same thing.

    Fascinating how with the rise of the internet, so too our awareness of our own existence. Just like entanglement/a website link.

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  • The earth is “flat!”

    Holy shit, bible-thumpers have a point… just not quite in the way they think. Let’s see if anybody who believes the earth is not an obloid sphere can explain the hidden side of a sheet of paper to justify their point. 

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  • The Universe is Information


    The universe is a vast and complex place, but at its core, it is believed to be made up of information. This information is encoded in the fabric of spacetime itself, and it contains all the laws of physics and the blueprints for all the objects in the universe.

    The Nature of Information

    Information is a fundamental property of the universe. It is the ability to distinguish between different states or events. For example, a bit of information can represent the state of a coin (heads or tails), or the value of a number (0 or 1).

    Information is not physical matter. It is a non-material entity that exists independently of any physical object. However, information can be stored in physical objects, such as books, computers, and even DNA.

    The Universe as Information

    The universe is believed to be a vast information system. All the laws of physics, all the objects in the universe, and even the history of the universe itself are encoded in the fabric of spacetime.

    This information is not static. It is constantly changing and evolving. As the universe expands and cools, new information is created. And as objects interact with each other, new information is stored in their memories.

    The Implications of a Universe of Information

    The idea that the universe is made up of information has profound implications for our understanding of the world.

    • The universe is not deterministic. If the universe is made up of information, then it is not possible to predict the future with certainty. This is because the future is not encoded in the information that we have access to today.
    • The universe is not local. If the universe is made up of information, then it is not possible to interact with objects that are far away from us. This is because information cannot travel faster than the speed of light.
    • The universe is not material. If the universe is made up of information, then it is not made up of physical matter. This means that the universe is not subject to the laws of physics that govern physical matter.


    The idea that the universe is made up of information is a radical one. It challenges our traditional understanding of the world and has profound implications for our future. However, it is an idea that is supported by a growing body of evidence, and it is one that is likely to continue to shape our understanding of the universe for years to come.

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  • The universe is a roller coaster

    In the grand cosmic amusement park, we, the celestial passengers, embark upon a thrilling roller coaster ride through the enigmatic expanse of the universe. Oblivious to the true nature of our cosmic conveyance, we navigate its labyrinthine paths, unaware of the twists and turns that lie ahead.

    As the celestial coaster hurtles through the void, its sudden dips and ascents send shivers down our spines. Some of us, overwhelmed by the stomach-churning plunges, succumb to cosmic nausea. Their spirits falter as they struggle to withstand the relentless gravitational forces.

    Others, however, embrace the exhilaration of the ride. They revel in the adrenaline rush as the coaster hurtles through cosmic curves, its velocity defying the laws of celestial mechanics. They laugh and scream, their voices echoing through the celestial void.

    And so, we all continue our journey, each of us experiencing the roller coaster ride in our own unique way. Some may seek comfort in the familiarity of the familiar, while others yearn for the thrill of the unknown. But regardless of our individual preferences, we are all bound together by the shared experience of this cosmic adventure.

    Yet, as the ride progresses, we begin to notice subtle hints that suggest the true nature of our journey. The stars, once mere celestial bodies, now seem to whisper secrets to us. The galaxies, once distant and incomprehensible, reveal intricate patterns that hint at a grand cosmic choreography.

    And just as we begin to unravel the mysteries of our cosmic roller coaster, we reach the apex of the ride. The universe holds its breath as we pause at the highest point, suspended between the darkness of the past and the unknown of the future.

    In this moment of cosmic stillness, we have a choice to make. We can either succumb to fear and retreat into the familiar, or we can embrace the unknown and plunge headlong into the depths of the universe’s secrets.

    For in the grand cosmic amusement park, the true thrill lies not in the ride itself, but in the journey of discovery that awaits us as we navigate its infinite twists and turns.

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  • Axioms

    1. Never argue with a crazy person.


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  • …not retirement

    Enlightenment is a moment…

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